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I had a tag for this month. I wrote it all. Inserted over 20 YouTube videos. And then I saw that someone (namely, Miss Woodhouse) whose blog I just started following was cohosting a Marvel Blogathon. And that tag? It went out the window. (Metaphorically speaking. Don't worry--I saved it for next month).  Because, Marvel

I haven't actually watched further in the Marvel universe than the first phase (Iron Man 1&2, Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor, and The Avengers), so my answers will just pertain to those ones. (I'm a baby Marvel fan! Come coo over me and tell me how much I have to look forward to!)

So, thank you so much to Miss Woodhouse and TQ for hosting this! 

(Oh, and there may be mild spoilers. Just a warning.)

1. What is Your Favorite Movie?
Iron Man. There is no competition. (Okay, okay, Avengers is a close second. So technically there is competition.) But oh my word, that movie! I'm going to be gushing about it more in this month's wrap up, so suffice it to say--TONY STARK! AN AMAZING CHARACTER ARC! A BELIEVABLE VILLAIN! PEPPER POTTS! THAT CLIMAX! 

Animated GIF

2. What is Your Favorite Stan Lee Cameo?
The one in Captain America: The First Avenger, where he says "I thought he'd be taller." XD

3. Who is Your Favorite Character from the Original Six?
The true answer is Tony Stark (GAH he's amazing). But because I'm probably going to be raving about him for both the rest of this tag and basically the entirety of the "Movies" section of my wrap up this month, let's talk about my second favorite...Natasha Romanoff! 

Animated GIF

Because MY WORD she is so awesome. And I thought that even before learning that she speaks fluent Latin. That kicked my appreciation of her up to a new level. Latin FTW. 
But also, she's a spy! She's an awesome spy! She's from legal! *dies laughing* 
However, she's not just the stereotype of "kick-butt female". Because she also has soft spots. Chinks. One of them is Hawkeye. (She's just so soft underneath, okay? She needs to be protected at all times.)
But also, she's just the classic spy, with a trick or gadget or move for every occasion! 
And she gets scared sometimes. And I love how realistic that is! (I just love her, ok? I just do. I am predictable sometimes, and this is one of those times.)

4. Who is Your Favorite Sidekick (characters not from the Original Six who don't have their own movie)?
There is no question. And now Legolas is miffed at me.'s Pepper Potts. (I'm assuming that by "sidekick", we mean "side character"? Based on the parenthesized definition? But really, I'm looking for an excuse to talk about Pepper Potts). 

Animated GIF

Because she's just...such a good assistant. A good person. (She has to be, to put up with Mr. Sasspants.) She's so capable, and can manage everything, and honestly, her organizational skills are #goals. And that's before her sneaking-classified-information-out-of-her-boss's-office skills. Which are also #goals. 

She also has fantastic faces. Fantastic "you have got to be kidding me" faces. Fantastic "there's no way" faces. Fantastic "get the heck out of my way" faces. I want as many faces as she has. 

And no matter what, she is always dressed for the moment. But she's always dressed for the moment in a skirt. Even when she's saving Tony's life. It's always in a skirt. 

Animated GIF

And I don't know why I, as someone who only wears a skirt once a week, love this so much? But I do. Her sassy femininity just makes me happy. 

5. What is the Funniest Moment?
There are many. But I will never get tired of this one:

Animated GIF
Animated GIF

6. Who is Your Favorite Villain?
Legolas read this question to me, and I responded: "I'm going to have to think about this for a minute ohnoit'sLoki." 

Animated GIF

I know, I know, Loki is like the movie-Draco-Malfoy of Marvel. But I will have to accede to the masses this one time, because he is a fantastic villain. And I mean, a fantastic character in general. His backstory makes perfect sense (for once in the entire history of villains), he's the perfect balance of sane and insane, and he's just creepily perfect. So yeah. Loki.

7. What is Your Favorite Power or Technology?
Am I fulfilling all the stereotypes about myself by saying...Iron Man's suit? (Survey says: yes). But okay, the thing is, one does not see a whole lot of super cool chemistry/physics/engineering geeks in books and movies. And so when Tony Stark the super cool chemistry/physics/engineering geek shows up and makes his own superpower...I like it. Because I am a geek like that, too.

Animated GIF

(If you need proof that I'm a chemistry/physics/engineering geek--I lay in bed awake for far too long after watching Iron Man 2 trying to figure out if lithium dioxide is physically possible. It's not--as I thought, lithium only has one valence electron. Convinced of my geekdom yet? XD)

8. What is Your Favorite Sequel (no trilogies!)?
I've not actually watched a sequel that's not from a trilogy...but I'm going to interpret this as saying I can't say an entire trilogy, and say Iron Man 2. I love it as a movie and as a sequel. (Legolas is pointing out that this is the only sequel I've watched, so I may change my mind down the line. This is true.) 
It's just an objectively good sequel! It shows the consequences of the events of the first movie while also having a genuinely engaging storyline. (And I'm not sure how popular this opinion is, but while I love Tony and Pepper (talking about that in a mo), I love that they don't necessarily have a happily ever after in this movie. Because it's realistic! They would not have a perfect relationship by this movie, and I love that the movie makers realized this! 

Animated GIF

Also, Natasha Romanoff is in it. So, yeah.

9. What are Your Favorite End Credits? Or End Credit's Scene?
Am I allowed to say actually it's the shawarma scene at the end of Avengers? I could literally watch the Avengers eat shawarma forever

Animated GIF

10. Who is Your Favorite Ship?
Need you even ask? IT'S TONY AND PEPPER. 100%. 1,000,000%. They are just the best. Because at the beginning of Iron Man, she's just his fantastic assistant. 

Animated GIF

And then they realize that their relationship might be more than that at those two moments in Iron Man

When Pepper finds the ransom video for Tony from the terrorists, and realizes how badly he was tortured and she makes this face. *inarticulate happy noises*

And then when the villain incapacitates Tony and notes in passing how it's a shame that he has to kill Pepper...and Tony is just freaking out inside because he just then realizes how much he cares about her...*more inarticulate happy noises*

But while they're perfect for each other, they also don't have a perfect relationship (yet XD) and I love that because Tony is still learning how to be a good person, and she does get irritated by him sometimes (*cough* strawberries *cough cough*), but they still fundamentally care about each other.

Animated GIF

Just...I love it, okay? I do. 

Animated GIF

Have you ever had shawarma? (I actually haven't...) What's your favorite Natasha Romanoff moment from the first tier? How obsessed with Tony Stark have I shown myself to be? (Actually, don't answer that...)


  1. Ah, so much good stuff here! I love seeing bloggers fill out tags when they haven't seen all of something because I get to read a different opinion and smirk at how much they have left. ;)

    I love the description of Loki as the Marvel Draco Malfoy! It once again makes sense that he's my older sister's favorite character. XD He's one of her favorite Harry Potter characters, too.

    Nat and Pepper are brilliant! I love them both so much! And Tony and Pepper as a couple?? A huge yes to everything that you said. They compliment each other so perfectly!!!!!!

    Man, I totally want to try shawarma someday.

    1. Thank you! I'm sure it's fun for you...although, are you saying I'm going to change my opinions? *suspicious side-eye*

      Thank you! I liked that, too. XD I really don't like Draco, but I do like Loki.

      I know, they're amazing! And Tony and Pepper! I'm so glad you liked what I said. :)

      Same! Hmm...maybe we should have a virtual bloggers-get-shawarma day. :)

  2. I love Iron Man so much! Tony and Pepper are one of the best ships!!
    And of course Natasha's the best, and I love Loki.
    You have fantastic taste!

    1. Yesssssss!!!
      You have excellent taste as well!

  3. I love Tony + Pepper. You cute little baby Marvel fan you -- you have so much goodness ahead to enjoy!

    Also, I laughed aloud over your description of Loki as the Draco Malvoy of Marvel. #accurate

    I have had schwarma many times, and quite like it when it's good, by which I mean, it has so much sauce it's kind of dripping. If it's dry, no thanks.

    1. They're the best. :) (I'm looking forward to all the goodness to come!)

      I'm so glad I could make you laugh! *bows*

      If I ever go get shawarma, I will definitely make sure to get it with lots of sauce!

  4. You have so much to look forward to! Don't get me wrong, these first Marvel movies made it all happen and are extremely amazing in their own rights. I love Tony and Pepper and the realistic way their relationship is portrayed.

    1. I'm so excited! I hope it's just going to get more and more amazing from here on out.
      I know, having a realistic relationship between the two of them is just...fantastic. <3


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