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Hello! I’m Samantha (or Sam, if you like), a Catholic, homeschool graduate, and book lover! If you’re here, you probably want to know a bit more about me, so I will gladly oblige:

-I have four siblings, Legolas (15), Eomer (12), Galadriel (9), and Gandalf (7), as well as fantastic parents. My entire family loves to read!

-I am a very fast reader, and tend to read between ten and thirty books per month, depending on how busy I am.

-I am a morning person to the point that I try to go to bed at nine PM every night in order to get up early. This mystifies many members of my family.

-I am a huge fan of The Lord of the Rings, Howl’s Moving Castle, The Queen’s Thief, and many other books. LOTR is my favorite book Of All Time.

-I’m also a massive Marvel fangirl, although I’m quite skeptical about a lot of this “Fourth Phase” stuff. Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff are my favorite characters, and Avengers: Age of Ultron, Iron Man, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Avengers: Endgame are my favorite movies from the franchise.

-I am a woman of strong and obstinate opinions. About everything. And anything. (My family has a running joke that if they name something I know next-to-nothing about, I will have an opinion about it within thirty seconds. This has been tested many times, and has always proven true.

-I’m an INTJ, although I’m close on the N and the S, which might explain why I am, in my own opinion, the most normal INTJ I’ve ever encountered.

-I live in a Dominican parish, which has given me a deep love not only of the Catholic faith, Jesus, and Mary, but also of philosophy, theology, and truth in general. Oh, and of Dominicans! (Dogs of God forever. Just try to tell me you don’t love those snazzy habits.)

-I am a self-avowed farm girl who milked goats every morning and evening for several years. We sold our goats this summer, because I’m leaving for college and was the main goat-keeper, but I still am keeping the title of ‘crazy goat lady’!

-Starting in the Fall of 2021, I’ll be at the University of Illinois, studying Landscape Architecture and (hopefully) Animal Science.

-I love music and musicals, and am afflicted by whatever peculiar ailment it is that makes people randomly start singing bits of songs on a very regular basis.

-My favorite authors are Lewis, Tolkien, Madeleine L’Engle, G. K. Chesterton, and Megan Whalen Turner.

-When I’m not reading or hanging out with farm animals, I’m probably photographing random flowers/spiders/landscapes, quilting, cooking, singing, writing, or eating chocolate and raspberries.

-I love languages, but my eyes are a little bigger than my metaphorical stomach, so I can read Latin, halfway speak Spanish, transliterate from the Greek alphabet, say a few phrases in German, pronounce most Polish, and string together simple sentences in ASL.

-Three of the fictional characters I am most like, in my own opinion, are Hermione Granger, Mr. Darcy, and Elanor from Sense & Sensibility. However, the two characters I want to be most like are Samwise Gamgee and Natasha Romanoff.

-Bookshire is called Bookshire because when I was a very small girl, I wouldn’t hear my parents when I was reading, and they called this lack of attention “being in Bookshire”, as in “Samantha is lost in Bookshire again”. Hence the name!

I post on this blog every Friday, and my posts try to be a good mix of bookish posts, philosophical posts, fun posts, and life updates! I hope you join me for the adventure!

Oh, and if you wish, you can find me here on Goodreads, where I review every book I read. :)


  1. ok, I LOVE LotR and how you added that into your blog!! I love reading a lot!!!! XD have a wonderful day!!!!


    1. Thank you! I love LOTR, too, and it was so fun to introduce that element. :) I hope you have a good day as well!


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